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san luis potosi

Located at 1,900 meters (6,200 feet) above sea level in central Mexico, San Luis Potosi was founded in 1592. The city was soon renown as one of the richest and most important cities in the New Spain, because of the wealth extracted from the mines in "Cerro de San Pedro" (Saint Peter's hill).

Nowadays San Luis Potos’ can be considered a modern city, however, it has not yet lost its colonial character, mixing present and past. With 600,000 habitants, the city has an arid climate, ranging from a maximum of 85° F (29° C) and minimal of 40° F (4° C). An average winter day in San Luis Potosi is sunny and averages high of 70° F and a low of 40° F. The summerŐs temperature averages are a high of 84° F and a low of 54° F in summer. San Luis Potosi is known as the "city of gardens" because it has at least 7 different beautiful plazas surrounded by fountains and gardens.


day trips

Because of its convenient central location, San Luis Potosi is the ideal location to visit many beautiful Mexican cities. For a day trip, San Miguel de Allende (2 hours) is the city most frequented by visiting teams. We also suggest Queretaro (2 hours) and Guanajuanto (2.5 hours). The La Loma staff will be happy to make any reservations for day trips prior to your arrival to any of these cities mentioned. Also near-by are the historical cities of Zacatecas and Real de Catorce.

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-Kevin Thorburn - Etobicoke  

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-Carlos Gonzalez - Coronado Navy Swim Association  

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